LBO Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is April 22, 2021. This is a great time to reflect on our relationship with planet Earth. What actions do we take that help the environment and support Earth’s sustainability? How can we make changes to help more? How do we benefit from Earth’s resources and sustenance? How does our connection to nature affect our health and wellness?

This year, Long Beach Organic is excited to share some ways that you can celebrate Earth Day and your special connection to the gardening community. Our activities focus on learning and engaging with nature.

Earth Day seems like an appropriate time to think about roots –the roots that connect us to each other, the plants that grow roots in our urban soils, and the roots that we eat! We invite you to celebrate the ways that Long Beach Organic helps you to connect to the Earth and to your community, learn about some special flowers that bees love, and explore the stages of growing a radish.

How do you feel connected to the environment and to Long Beach Organic?  Take some time to create your ideas with our Wellness Tree handout. Get out the crayons, pens, magazine clippings, or whatever inspires you and share your visions with us!

Take some time to plant flowers that attract native bees to our urban gardens. Native bees provide our gardens with important pollination services that allow our fruits and vegetables to grow. We can attract these important pollinators to our gardens by planting native and naturalized plants into our urban gardens. 

Learn while you enjoy coloring the Flowers That Bees Love coloring page. Explore the stages of growing a radish by watching our video and downloading the radish coloring page. Consider the fresh, plant-based foods that you can incorporate into your meals. Get inspired to plant a seed! Enjoy taking a walk in your neighborhood or community, and make the most of simple natural materials to create some inspired art.  We encourage you to share your experiences with us as you create and explore in honor of planet Earth.